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Photo by Claire Roeth

A modern classic country good timing bar band. They sound like they're from the 1970s but try to address the problems and heartache and general bullshit of contemporary life. Also fishing. And drinking.

Hang Rounders' music is best heard on a dance floor, where it is allowed to do its work and get you movin', singin', and bringin' (your sister).

"The band really impresses with a rockin' country sound with dashes of soul and Southern rock that might've come straight out of the 1970s." -- Kelly Gregory, Country Music People

"Outta Beer, Outta Here has both a stamp of grade-A quality and the rough-and-tumble that makes it sound good." -- Rachel Cholst, No Depression

"His lyrics have the directness and heart-wrenching details of legendary country songs." -- Steve Graham, Thirst Colorado

3 time losers of "Colorado's Best Country Band" award from Denver's Westword, but then put into the "Hall of Fame" and taken off future ballots, and now have no chance of ever winning the award.

Hang Rounders are:

Johno Roberts - Banjo, Vocals
Curtis Wallach - Guitar
Dan Feely - Drums
Matthew Lilley - Bass
Ty Breuer - Pedal Steel

Additional musicians on June Bug:

Mark Shusterman - Piano, Organ
Jennifer Jane Niceley - Backing Vocals

Additional musicians on Outta Beer, Outta Here:

Matt Menold - Piano, Organ
Ashley Mae - Fiddle, Backing Vocals
Benjamin Tod - Backing Vocals, Harmonica
Jasmin Kaset - Backing Vocals
Makenzie Green - Backing Vocals
Seth Murray - Backing Vocals
Tyler Davis - Backing Vocals

Additional musicians on Bring Your Sister:

Casy Meikle - Fiddle
Lilly White Lomein - Backing Vocals